Harold Rosenbaum Choral Conducting Institute Coming to Wesleyan

An exciting opportunity for choral conductors will be offered at Wesleyan University from January 16-17, 2016. Renowned conductor, Dr. Harold Rosenbaum, will lead a two-day workshop for conductors who wish to enhance their careers, expand their contacts, and receive close attention and hands-on guidance from an experienced mentor. Each attendee will have a private lesson as well as opportunities to rehearse the institute's choir while receiving constructive feedback from Dr. Rosenbaum. There will be sessions devoted to the study of scores and interpretation, diction and performance practice, and other subjects, which may include the business of running a choral organization including forming a board of directors, fundraising, marketing, public relations and grant-writing. Additional topics may include when to use a baton, when to conduct recitatives, how to run rehearsals from the keyboard, singing expressively, working with soloists, how to interpret staccatos, tenutos, choral crescendos, grace notes and glissandos, and the placement of singers and piano in performance. Auditors are welcome and will pay a reduced tuition. Singers who participate in the Institute Choir beginning on the second day will pay no tuition.

The Harold Rosenbaum Choral Conducting Institute has previously been in residence at Columbia University, Adelphi University, and The University at Buffalo. The workshop at Wesleyan will be the Institute's first program in New England.

Connecticut ACDA board member, Tom Brand, recently interviewed Dr. Rosenbaum about his work with the Institute. The following are some excerpts from that conversation:

Tom: What prompted you to establish the Harold Rosenbaum Choral Conducting Institute?

Harold: I have always enjoyed teaching conducting. I have given conducting courses at Queens College, Adelphi University, and at The University at Buffalo, where I teach now. At this stage of my career I have had more and more desire to pass along what I have learned conducting for 42 years to interested conductors. I felt that establishing an institution housed in various universities would solidify this notion and attract people at all stages of their career and from around the world.

Tom: What sorts of conductors typically participate?

Harold: You name it, they have come: church organists, middle school, high school and college conductors, community choir conductors, and students.

Tom: What are your main goals for the participants?

Harold: To dramatically improve their physical conducting technique to make it easier to communicate with their singers, and to make it easier for their singers to understand and implement their intentions, to rethink the way they approach and implement the process of selecting, studying, rehearsing and performing music, to instill more confidence in the participants, to open up a world of new possibilities and unleash more creativity in them.

Tom: How do you select the repertoire?

Harold: They are all public domain, and they are all favorite pieces of mine which I have conducted.

Tom: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work with the Institute so far?

Harold: Every one of my students comes away with much improved conducting technique, with a great deal more confidence, with new-found knowledge, and with joy in their hearts. Knowing that they will make the singing experience better for all their singers and to their audiences is very gratifying to me. In addition, I have a heightened sense of satisfaction and contentment after each workshop knowing that I helped very interested musicians to improve themselves as conductors.

Tom: What makes the Institute unique?

Harold: It is itinerant. Have workshop will travel! It is just me with my thoughts, my passion, and my acquired knowledge conducting over 1700 concerts over 42 years.

For further information on the Harold Rosenbaum Choral Institute, please visit http://haroldrosenbaum.com/institute.shtml

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