Honor Choir Festival Details


(Specific rehearsal times coming soon)

  • 8:00 - 8:30 Check in, seating

  • 5:45 Honor Choir Concert

Information for Directors

  • It is the expectation that all students perform their music from memory. Please make sure they are adequately prepared.

  • Once your kids are checked in, you may proceed to pick up your registration and head to your first session.

  • If you have any parent chaperones, they will need to wear a name tag that will be given to them at the student check in. This will give them access to accompany students, but not to any conference sessions. Parent chaperones may bring their own lunch or purchase one of the student lunches.

  • Solos for any songs will be handled through pull-out sessions during rehearsals. Students need to be memorized and ready first thing in the morning.

Information for Parents

  • Concert tickets are $5. Parents are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance online, but cash/checks will also be accepted at the door.

  • Doors will open for the concert no earlier than 5:00pm.

  • The honor choir concert is being professionally recorded. Recordings of the performance will be available for purchase via order form (to be linked here soon, also provided in concert program) or online at the Soundwaves website.

What to Wear

  • Students should arrive at the festival in concert attire - time/facilities will not be available for changing clothes

  • Men: white button down, dark necktie or bow tie, black pants, black socks, and black shoes.

  • Women: white tops (no tank tops or visible shoulders) and black bottoms; please look professional. If skirts/dresses are worn, they must be well past the knee and with black stockings. Shoes should be black and preferably flats or a low heel. They will be wearing these shoes all day so they need to be comfortable and safe on risers. PLEASE NO HIGH HEELS.

What to Bring

  • music in a black folder

  • pencil(s)

  • water bottle is recommended

What to Avoid Bringing

  • Any extra items, especially valuable technology such as cell phones. If a phone is heard or seen during any rehearsal times, it may be confiscated for the duration of the day. Neither CT-ACDA nor our hosts at Guilford High School are responsible for any lost or damaged items.

  • In case of an emergency, parents should contact their child's teacher directly, and the teacher can then contact the choir chair.




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